The magical face of Ruurd van Veelen

Ruurd van Veelen

Front-end developer with a keen eye for UI/UX

Every online experience i built is ‘mobile-first’ and optimized for all displays. Specialized in future-proof, stable component libraries that allow rapid cross platform development.

I'm experienced with the following CMS's: SmartSite, Umbraco, EpiServer, XperienCentral, Typo3 and Wordpress.

The past 12 years i’ve had the opportunity to built experiences for the following brands/companies:

(NS) Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Nationale Nederlanden, Microsoft, Unicef, Rode Kruis, Nestlé, Oxxio, Delta Loyd Groep, Haga Ziekenhuis, Hogeschool Rotterdam, HTM, Gemeente Utrecht & Lelystad.

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, BEM, Javascript (Ecmascript, TypeScript), Angular, Gulp, Webpack & more.

2018 - heden - Freelance

Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken

Front-end Typo3

Responsable for maintaining and expanding the front-end kit; everything reusable, everything accessible.

2018 - Freelance



Extending the excisting front-end library, to support 4 major cities (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag and Rotterdam)

2018 - Freelance


Front-end Typo3

Front-end kit for Altec, in collaboration with RedKiwi.

2016 - 2017 - Freelance

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Front-end eXperienCentral Optimazation / User testing

I am responsable for maintaining and expanding the front-end kit of, as well as providing technical and user-level knowledge to the optimazation team to increase their conversion rates.

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2014 - 2016 - Freelance


Front-end Webmanager eXperienCentral

As part of the Front-end team of Nationale-Nederlanden, I was responsable for maintaining and expanding the front-end kit that is being used in (almost) all channels thoughout the company, externally as well as internally.


2014 - Project


Lead Front-end

HTM Personenvervoer NV, aangeduid als HTM, is een Nederlandse vervoersmaatschappij, die het openbaar vervoermet tram exploiteert in de regio Haaglanden.

2014? Really? Waaay to old ;-)

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