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Front-end developer with a keen eye for UI/UX

"I build digital products, accessible and re-usable"

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I'm Ruurd (34), a multi-disciplinary front-end developer with over 12 years experience in a broad range of teams, products and companies.

A multi-disciplinary front-end developer is what best describes myself. A front-end developer with great knowledge and experience of the disciplines surrounding him: user experience and back-end programming. Understanding the design principles and knowing what impact the front-end coding decisions can have on the back-end/API can ultimately lead to a more efficient and stable codebase.

I'm a social, expressive person with high levels of enthusiasm and positivity and a natural ability to motivate and unite. I have an open mindset, am always curious and don't shy away from a challenge.

  • Efficient and effective communication skills
  • Assertive, innovative, long-range thinker
  • Self-organized and able to work independently
  • Open and adoptable to changes and unexpected obstacles
  • Coach-ability and the desire to coach others
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • User-centric mindset for problem solving
  • Extrovert and people-person with a friendly attitude
  • Team player

My expertise

Front-end developer

Every online experience I build is ‘mobile-first’ and optimized for all displays. Specialized in future-proof, accessible (WCAG 2.1+), front-end component libraries that allow rapid cross platform development. The individual components can be intergrated in any desired framework.


The internet should be, in my opinion, accessible and useable for everyone. Following the WCAG (2.1+) standards is basic practice for me.
The last three years I've been under contract by the government of the Netherlands to help them build accessible digital products.

On a daily basis I work with HTML, CSS (SASS, with BEM), JavaScript (/TypeScript), Handlebars, Yaml, Fractal JS, Protractor JS, Backstop JS, API's, NPM and Git.
I'm familiar with Angular (JS), Vue (JS) and React (JS).

I'm experienced with the following Content Management Systems: SmartSite, Umbraco, EpiServer, XperienCentral, Typo3 and Wordpress.

Code/interface testing

I'm a strong believer in automated testing and therefor find it highly valueable to at least write end-2-end scripts and a visual regression test solution for all components/partials/templates.

Scrum master

As a certified Scrum master, I'm well known with the Scrum methodology.


Over the last 12 years I've had the priviledge to work for these organisations in various teams and projects.

  • Logo: Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijkrelaties

    Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

    Government Front-end Testing

    Maintaining and expanding the front-end component library for External link: All components were/are fully according to the WCAG 2.1+ standards, to have them accessible to all visitors.

    Implemented E2E testing and Visual Regression testing for quality checks upon every release.

    The front-end component library is currently in use by 8 websites and upon it's final intergration it will support 26 governmental websites.

  • Logo: WIGO4IT


    Semi Government Front-end

    Extending the excisting front-end component library, to support 4 major Dutch cities (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag and Rotterdam)

  • Logo: Nederlandse Spoorwegen International

    Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Internationaal)

    Commercial Front-end Digital marketer

    Maintaining and expanding the front-end component library of External link:, as well as providing technical and user-level knowledge to the optimazation team to increase their conversion rates.

  • Logo: Nationale Nederlanden

    Nationale Nederlanden

    Commercial Front-end

    Maintaining and expanding the front-end component library of External link: that is being used in (almost) all channels thoughout the company, externally as well as internally.

Through DEPT (Tam Tam) I've worked for the following companies:

  • Logo: Microsoft
  • Logo: Unicef
  • Logo: Delta Loyd Group
  • Logo: Red Cross
  • Logo: Nestlé

Let's have a (virtual) coffee?

You are more than welcome to contact me. I'd love to have a talk with you, even if it's only to get to know each other for possible future collaborations.

I can help you, and your organisation, with a robust infrastructure that is re-usable, light weight and foremost: accessible for all.

I am currently open to take on new project(s); remote or on location.

Looking forward talking to you,
Ruurd van Veelen
Flag of The Netherlands

(Fluent in Dutch and English. Basic in German and Spanish. I understand a few words of Swedish and am able to order a beer in Chinese.)

Curious how this one-pager is built? Feel free to Disable the CSS and or browse around the source code.
There are different ways of writing HTML and dealing with components. The way of writing the HTML is chosen depending on the requirements of each project/product. This one-pager demonstrates two styles combined.